Chip & Scratch Repair

The paint on your vehicle is a delicate thing, and should be dealt with in three steps- cleaning, correcting and protecting.


We use a PH-neutral car wash to safely remove all dust, dirt and grime from the surface of your car’s paintwork. We then use a clay-bar treatment to remove any stubborn grit from the paint, leaving your car’s duco glossy and smooth.


Once the surface of the paint has been cleaned, we carefully remove any spots of tar which have adhered to the surface. Finally, we use industry-grade automotive paints to repair any chips, scratches and grazes in your car’s paintwork.


At last, once the paint repairs have dried, we apply a coat of high-grade automotive wax to the surface of your car’s paintwork, providing a protective layer which will shield the paint from road-dirt and further damage, as well as giving your car a professional glossy shine.